Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Would Have Remembered That

Peebs had his teeth done yesterday and while they weren't as bad as I was expecting, there was one little hiccup.  Apparently he's missing his first bottom molar on the left side. My vet was talking about the big hook on the upper molar and how we need to watch it while he was having me look at it. Our conversation is as follows:

Me: Wait, is he missing that bottom molar?
Vet:  Yep but we knew that from the initial exam I did on him.
Me: Really?  I'm sure I would have remembered that.
Vet: Well I remember.
Me: I don't think you told me. I'm sure I would have remembered that.
Vet: Hmm..........................maybe.  But I meant to tell you.

Meanwhile his vet tech was trying not so successfully to hold back her laughter and keep Peebs' head up at the same time.

Drunk pony got his ears and bridle path clipped, sheath cleaned, and part of his mane pulled.

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