Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Retail Therapy

Nothing like shopping for pony supplies to make you feel better! Both Buddy and McKenna have ripped holes and leg straps off their blankets in the past month.  Buddy caught his on his water bucket ruining the bucket in the process as well.  I think my barn owner can repair it, but I'm hesitant to have her do it or get him a new one since he'll more than likely be sold this summer.  If I do have the blanket fixed I'm pretty sure it will fit Phoenix so he'll have a back up medium weight.

McKenna's blanket was an old stable blanket that my barn owner gave me, so I don't feet too bad that she's ripped it up.  I have a feeling she's going to be pretty hard on blankets so I think she'll do better with a tougher turnout blanket vs a stable blanket.  SmartPak was having a sale a couple weeks ago and their SmartPink turnout caught my eye.  It was on sale for $50 off list price so I bit the bullet and ordered it.  It came today and while it's just barley too warm for her to wear it now I tried it on before putting it away till (hopefully) next winter.
Fits her better than the old stable blanket did too, so hopefully no more shoulder rubs.
My second piece of retail therapy is still on order, but hopefully should be getting to me in the next couple of weeks.  Tack of the Day had Tredstep da Vinci field boots on sale last week for $199.  Normally those are $489 and since my 8yr old tall boots have started to die (my mom got the zipper replaced in the broken boot but there's something wedged in the bottom of the heel and it looks and walks a bit funny) I couldn't say no. According to the size chart they should fit, but if not I'll put them up on a couple local Facebook groups/Ebay and at least get what I paid for them then start the boot search all over.


  1. I bought the tredsteps too! So excited to see them when they get here.

  2. I think Hillary nabbed the same boots.

  3. Retail therapy can be so uplifting. Glad to hear that you were successful!

  4. Wow cute rug, nothing better than equine retail therapy!