Thursday, August 15, 2013

Looking Forward

Not much has been going lately, but we're staring to look forward towards fall.  I rode Tia yesterday, did a little jump school in the sand arena then went on a field ride with some friends.  There's a section of land in the middle of the fields that has a holding pond for water used in a bean and corn processing plant. Worst smelling thing ever!!  They pump the used water out to the pond, then use it to fertilize a field of corn and grass.  Sheep are run in the grass field and usually the horses don't care about them.  Last night they were pretty close to the fence and half the flock ran away while the other half moved towards us.  Tia was terrified.  She stopped and snorted and was shaking.  I took her to the outside of group so she had two horses between her and the sheep and that seemed to help.  The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful.

Scary, scary sheep
Tonight I caught the end of Anna's lesson where they did a 2' vertical!  Apparently early in the lesson Phoenix stopped at it, but Jen said Anna had him trotting so slow they were almost going backwards.  They looked great when I was there and Anna was so proud of herself.  Nik and little A also had lessons which I missed but both apparently did well. 

We've been trying to find a schooling show on a Sunday to take the girls to, as little A goes to church on Saturdays.  There's one Oct 27 that we're going to aim for.  In the past they've had a costume class since the show is always right around Halloween.  So tonight I spent  a good amount of time trying to think of something for Buddy and I to be.  Since his show name is One Bud Wiser I've decided to go with a beer theme.  I found a beer glass costume for me and I think I'm going to make Buddy a keg (grey sleazy or sheet) with the Budweiser logo on it. 
I might be hand walking him for the class.  No drinking and riding!

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