Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Ready

So we're showing on Saturday and my horse just had three days off in a row.  Way to be prepared!  He got Saturday off after our lesson on Friday.  I was planning on riding Sunday and Monday, but came down with a summer cold/flu and couldn't get out of bed Sunday.  I felt much better yesterday but not 100% so I didn't ride.

 I think Buddy enjoyed his 3 day weekend and was cranky about going back to work today.  He was barely moving when we started warming up. I think we might have even been too slow for western pleasure jog we were so slow.  There were some little crossrails set up so I jogged him over those to see if that would wake him up.  It did and then we were finally able to get on with our ride.  He was still a little tense and defensive about his mouth in our canter warm up but relaxed into it by the end of the ride. We got some nice counter canter work, a full lap each direction which is an improvement!  To cool down we worked on some leg yields and figure 8s.

Jen is out of town for the show and unfortunately I'm the only one going who knows how to haul. There's 4 of us going and I only have a 2 horse trailer, as do my BO so we've had to borrow a 4 horse from the people who own the barn where we go chase cows. I've only ever talked to them briefly but thru the magic of Facebook they offered their trailer.  Only problem, I've never hauled a goosneck.  Guess I have to learn at some point, righ? 

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