Sunday, August 19, 2012

Someone enjoyed his vacation

I haven't really ridden Buddy since our show 2wks ago. I've done a couple easy bareback hacks, but no real work.  It's been really hot here in the 90's and has gotten over 100 a couple times.  I've just been too tired and hot after work to convince myself to get into the saddle.

 I rode Bud yesterday in a different bit, a mullen mouth that I've used on him before.  It used to work great on the flat, but didn't have enough breaks when we jumped.  We started out doing some loops and turns, trying to have a nice round trot.  Buddy had other plans....namely trying to impersonate a camel.  He was moving forward off my leg well, but I couldn't get his head down.  In our canter work he was pretty strong and I had to really sit deep to try and keep him with me.  We definitely won't be using this bit again.

Today I put my magic bit on him; it's a French link D-ring that I've had for 12yrs and used on every horse I've owned.  Phoenix goes in it right now, and I used it for a while on Buddy before.  While he was little better about his head today, he still wasn't where I wanted him.  He's really resistant to the right, which is usually his good side. I would think he's out in his neck or back, but usually when he's out he won't go forward and he's moving off my leg really nicely right now.  I think I really need to get after him this week since we have our first dressage show on Saturday!

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