Friday, April 27, 2012


The first being that Buddy and I are playing hunters on Sunday!  We're doing the 2'3" division at a local hunter show.  We had a lesson last night and while he wasn't doing anything bad, he wasn't doing anything good either.  He was basically asleep the whole time and no amount of me kicking, smacking with a crop, or squeezing the life out of him was going to get him to go forward. In hindsight, I should have gotten my spurs!  Oh well!  At lest away from home he's more forward, so hopefully we won't have the same problem.

The second Hunter is an 18yr old, strawberry roan, TB named Hunter, at our barn.

Who knew TB's came in strawberry roan?! His show name is Strawberry Daiquiri.

 He's a former champion A circuit hunter who had a suspensory injury and is now a beginner lesson horse.  He can do some xrails, and small verticals but not a whole lot.  He's normally great, just point and shoot kinda horse.  There's a girl leasing him who is learning to jump with him.  Due to her school schedule she hasn't been able to jump him much in the past month.  In her lesson on Sunday, Hunter was being very naught, for him.  He kept flipping his head and yanking the reins away.
I got on him today to school him.  He felt very supple and forward (for him)! The jumps from my lesson last night were still up so after a quick warm up we played over a few x's.  He really wanted to go, so we worked on waiting and stopping straight after the fence.  Once he calmed down a bit we canter a few fences.  You could tell he was having so much fun! He was arching his neck and prancing a bit.  It was so sweet to see the old man have a good time! He reminds me of Cuna.

Back in his glory days

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