Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anatomy of a Peebs' Dinner

Going off of Carly's post about Bobby's feed, I've decided to share Peebs' grain. He gets his at night and he's the easiest keeper I've had yet. Thanks bubba!!

He gets a quart of rice bran but since he's weight is looking really good and he's starting to go out on the spring grass once I run out (which will be sometime this week) he'll stop getting it. 

Then two quarts of Haystack Special Blend. This is a local feed designed by a vet whose husband owns a feed mill. It's a mix of beer pulp, alfalfa, Timothy, rice bran, flax, and canola oil. 

For supplement he gets a 4oz scoop of Horse Guard. It's a general vitamin/mineral mix with added selenium and vitamin E for horses in the PNW where grass and hay is very selenium deficient. 
He also gets two scoops of LMF digest 911 probiotic. 

Last is a squirt of Excel Eq which is an anti-inflammatory omega 3 mix for joints, ulcer aid, and skin/coat.  My BO started a couple of her horses on it and really liked it so she got me a jug of it for my birthday.  I've only had Peebs on it for a couple weeks and I'm not sure I notice anything so far, but we'll see.


  1. That Haystack Special Blend actually looks palatable to me!

  2. Yeah I was gonna say the same thing, I am totally diggin that haystack special!!

  3. Where do you get the special blend?

    1. Coastal. Wilco used to have it but stopped carrying it. That Corvallis Feed on hwy 34 had it to

    2. I've bought Wilco's "equivalent" but it does not look the same!