Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Tradition!

I've decided to start a new tradition: New Year's Day Gymnastics!  Yesterday the sun was shining, the footing in the outdoor was awesome, and I only had a half day at work so I had all afternoon at the barn to play.  I set up a simple gymnastic; a bounce to a one stride.  I set it vertical, vertical, oxer with a trot pole in front.  I've decided that for gymnastics its easier to start with a vertical with Buddy since he doesn't try over crossrails.  A vertical going in sets us up better for the rest of the line.

I started with the just the bounce and only had to do it a few times before Buddy felt good.  I put the third fence as just another vertical at first, but after a couple times thru made into the oxer.  The distances were a little tight.  I'm hoping that Buddy will start to get the concept of really sitting back on his hind end and I think he's slowly getting it. 

I got one of the other girls to video one of our last time thru. 
I was able to get a couple good still shots from the video.  I really like how fierce and focused Buddy looks.                                                                                                                                                         

After I rode, Anna got on Phoenix, and I convinced her to start with just an cross rail then do just the bounce.  She was pretty nervous but Phoenix handled it like a champ. The first time thru he seemed a little confused that there was a second fence and trotted over both.  The next time he figured it out and jumped both nicely.


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