Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's been freezing here for the past week.  Like the lows in the 20s and the highs in the 30s.  Over the weekend it didn't get above freezing either day.  Way to cold for me to ride!  I turned the ponies out in the indoor so they could at least move around a bit but couldn't convince myself to do much more. 

Monday I lunged both Bud and Zoe, and while Buddy was very good Zoe was very naughty. She took off bucking and spinning and ended up yanking the line out of my hand.  She ran around the arena then took of down the barn aisle before going into an empty stall.  Needless to say, she went back out and worked her little tail off!

Tonight one of the other girls had set up a couple cavalettis and I added a low wide oxer, about 2'3" by 3'.  Buddy was cranky during our flat work but once we started jumping he was great.  I think I'm going to have to work him a bit in the draw reins again to remind him that my left rein isn't evil.  He wants to brace and fight it no matter what.  I have a lesson with Jen next week so hopefully we can get some help. 

The first time over the oxer, I felt him really reach. He wasn't expecting how wide it was (compared to what we normally jump).  The next time thru he sat back on his haunches and powered over it.  Bud tends to have a flat jump; he's never been super scopey but our recent gymnastic work has gotten him to starting rounding over the fences more.  I had the oxer set up on a right to left diagonal (his harder way to get the flying change) and every time he landed on the left lead!  That's pretty rare for us.

Friday we are going to play with cows again and I'm hoping that it warms up so I won't freeze to death waiting for our turn.

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