Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Cinder Progress Report: Changes

 First and foremost, I've lodged a complaint with Trainer S on the fact that whatever she's feeding to Cinder, or doing to her, has caused Cin to have a massive growth spurt this summer. She's grown about 1.5 inches, clocks in at 16.3, and last week was butt high again. I told both Cin and S that I want her to grow out, not up. 

At least she's more level this week

And while I realize I haven't taken many pics of Trainer S's barn, some eagle eyed readers might recognize where these pics were taken. Trainer S has started working with friend and former barn owner MG at GS barn. Aka the barn I was at before TCF. Starting December 1st, S is moving her whole business into GS, but due to footing concerns at her current barn, S asked if I was ok with moving Cinder earlier. I was, since I would still be boarding at GS if stalls hadn't opened up at TCF. 

Cinder handled the move pretty well and settled in quickly at GS. The two boarders there who were there when I was both commented to me on just how giant Cin is.  One commented on how she looks like a fresh off the track TB. She's lean, muscled, and awkward limbs. She's definitely one of those horses who doesn't finish filling out till she's like 6.


The current plan is to leave her at GS for about 3 week, then bring her home around Thanksgiving. S and I are trying to set up times so I can watch her work Cin and hopefully I can get a lesson or two in on her before moving her back home. I'm off the whole Thanksgiving week so I plan on working her at TCF a little, then letting her have her winter break. S is also thinking she might be able to come to TCF and ride/give lessons so maybe next spring I'll have her restart Cin and we'll go from there.


  1. Welcome to the giant moose baby club :P

  2. Hate to say it... but Princess C will probably be filling out till she's 7 or 8... Sorry... She looks great though! Sounds like you have a good plan for the near future!

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