Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Reflections September 2020

This makes me happy, and I need all the happy I can get

Loving: Peebs' unicorn blankie
Smelling: Coffee
Learning: About the guinea pig reproductive cycle.
Writing: Sadly, not much. Again.
Reading: Rereading the Green Creek series by TJ Klune in prep for the final book's release in two weeks.
Watching: I tried watching The Boys season 2 but wasn't in the right head space. Enola Homes was good.
Craving: Sleep.
Obsessing: My new One K helmet and that I can swap out colors on it. But they don't have the rose gold, boo.
Needing: A new charging cord for my headphones. Mine is on its last legs and I keep forgetting to get a new one. Can't survive work without my headphones!
Wanting: Time off from work.
Trying:  To keep my cool at work and not go postal on my coworker. Again.
Drinking:  Coffee and cider
Feeling: Excited. I have pony plans this weekend and then next weekend I'm flying down to SD to help move my parents up here.
Hoping: My parents don't kill each other in the next 9 days before the move and that things go smoothly.
Listening: Spotify
Clicking: Blogs to read



  1. I'm loving his unicorn blanket too :D

  2. Ah I hope you have a safe flight to SD and that your parents moving goes smoothly!