Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Mid Year Goals

I figure since I suck with monthly and quarterly goals, I'm going to try twice yearly goals.  Since I've met my only first goal of 2016, "Buy a new pony", I figure it's time to set some new goals.

The Peebs:
  • Work on ear clipping/ear handling in general
  • Get his teeth done
  • Figure out our bitting situation
  • Lunge 1x week in the vienna reins
  • Canter transitions 
  • Get comfortable over fences again!
  • Work on my eye and seeing a distance
  • Learn to trust that he's not going to take off/spin/crowhop/rear 
As anxious as I am to show I'd love to be able to set show goals, but I figure we need to get to know each other first.  If I show before the summer, great!  If not, who cares!  My main goal is get comfortable jumping again and enjoy the ride!


  1. good goals - i hope you and Peebs gel really well over fences!

  2. Great goals, plenty ambition and scope for success. Have a great time getting to know one another better ☺