Saturday, February 18, 2012

Busy couple of days

Since my mom's been here, I haven't out at the barn as much. I did get a nice ride in on Wednesday. I put the spurs on and we had some great flat work. We warmed up with shoulder in and some lengthening at the trot. He had a couple moments of crankiness at the spurs, but I tried hard to really stretch down thru my heel, and he got over it.

We did a lot of transitions and had some of our best yet. I was trying to keep him nice and soft in the bridle, but still forward in front of my leg. The spurs really helped with that. He was a lot more balanced in the downward transitions, and not plowing on his front end.

Nik rode him on Friday and did her first set of trot poles! Jen lead her thru a couple times, then she did them on her own twice. She was very excited. She also told us that she wants to show him this summer. Look for her in a trot-a-pole class soon!

Today the chiropractor was out to do a couple horses do I had her check Bud. She said he felt great and didn't need an adjustment. Yay for my checkbook and Buddy!! Then mom and I went up to Portland to do some shopping. We stopped at the nice tack store up there for a new mane pulling comb as mine has disappeared. I found $230 Ariat show breeches on sale for $100! Mega score!! Didn't get the mane comb though....

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